The goals of this partnership, though lofty, are realistic and attainable. And, when they are reached, our community, schools, and students will be the better for it. The goals of the Men of Q(uality) partnership are as follows:

  • Help students raise their level of expectations in the classroom. This will be evidenced in higher grades, higher attendance, selection of higher-level courses, and entry into postsecondary institutions.
  • Help students build self-esteem (locus of control).
  • Encourage students to set realistic short-term and long-term goals by having them participate in numerous shadowing experiences.
  • Help students make a successful transition into postsecondary institutions, the work force, and the military.
  • Increase students’ circle of support by becoming supportive, encouraging mentors.
  • Increase civic awareness by having students participate in service-learning experiences/volunteerism with community agencies, nursing homes, younger children, etc.
  • Develop a mentoring system that increases the exposure of students to successful role models.
  • Conduct training sessions in peer mediation, conflict resolution, and decision making/problem solving.
  • Develop a programmatic model that can be replicated by other fraternities, sororities, and civic organizations as they adopt/partner with other schools.