In order to be a mentor or tutor in the Theta Omega Inc. Men of Quality Leadership Academy you must first fill out a program application. If application is successfully approved, you will have face-to-face interview. Once successfully in the program you will meet with our staff to receive an overview of the organization to be acclimated. You must meet the staff and the mentees of the program. You must be willing to mentor for a certain number of hours in a day/week while serving as a role model and assisting students to achieve his goals.

Mentors will be paired with mentees based on a comparable match of the mentors’ background, career to the mentees goals and career aspirations.

The program participants are males in high school; residents of the Louisville
Metropolitan area; and who are currently enrolled in a public, or private school in the Jefferson County area.

If you want to share your knowledge and are passionate about teaching our young men to be leaders and providers, please complete the following application.

Mentor Application

Mentoring Activities

Identifying Goals
Identify your professional goals for this relationship. What will be the outcome?

Create a Mentoring Action Plan
Review possible mentoring activities with your mentee and choose of few of them to do. Then create a mentoring action plan to capture your selections.

Address Mentee Challenges
Spend time discussing how your mentee dealt with a challenging situation. What was the outcome? If needed, Brainstorm alternate ways to overcome that challenge.

Role Play
Role play how to address a challenging situation to practice skills. E.g. an upcoming interaction that mentee is unsure about or would like guidance for.

Job Shadow
Invite your mentee to sit in on a meeting of yours that will give them an opportunity to learn or network. Debrief afterwards.

Provide Networking Opportunity
Introduce your mentee to one of your contacts who can prove to be a valuable networking.

Provide Oral Feedback
Observe your mentee in a meeting or presentation and give him feedback on his performance.

Provide Written Feedback
Review and provide feedback on a presentation, report, or document your mentee has prepared.

Read Up
Read a new business/professional book or article and discuss your thoughts about it (if reading a book, you might want to read and discuss one chapter at a time).

Share Career History
Invite your mentee to share the “story of his career”, explaining how he got to where he is today. Share yours.

Review Your CVS
Exchange, review and discuss each other’s resumes. How are key achievements represented? Are there differences in how you each “sell yourself”?

Suggest Another Reading
Suggest book, articles and blogs or other resources for your mentee to read.

Team Up & Network Together
Attend a local industry or professional networking or educational event together. Debrief afterwards

Create a Vision Statement
Ask your mentee to create vision statement that captures where he wants to be in five years and what he wants to be known for, then review and discuss together.

Be a Coach – Focus On Strengths
Discuss your mentee’s strengths, ways he can further develop these skills, and potential problems that can result from over-reliance on them.

Regularly Review Goals
Regularly review and discuss progress on your mentee’s career development goals.

Discuss Interpersonal Skills
Talk about the types of people your mentee finds most difficult to work with, and strategies for more effective interactions with them. Talk about the types of people your mentee enjoys working with most and review why.

Be a Coach – Target
Discuss your mentee’s weaknesses, ways he can strengthen his skills in these areas, and the potential advantages they can offer.

Consider Your Volunteer Work
Identify a volunteer of community based group activity where your mentee can practice desired skills, then debrief on the experience.

Close the Loop
Prepare for the end of your formal mentoring relationships. Take stock of lessons learned, directions taken and what still needs to be accomplished.