All the world is a stage
And all men are merely players.
Each man has his entrance and his exit
And in that life time, one man plays many parts1:

At stage One, Trip, you have now begun as an infant
You will grow to be educated, then the to be a lover and warrior
Experiences of life will teach you how to judge good from error
And when all is said and done you will become a full Man of Quality
A man who is: Free, confident, respected, and informed
Unique, manifesting excellence, successful
Responsible, loyal, committed, uplifts humanity
One who perseveres, is hard/smart-working
Loves God, Continually Learns, and Maintain his integrity

You, as a future man of quality, are in your infancy (Stage One)
Your parents will continually love you throughout your life
But you do not belong to your parents
You will have your own thoughts.
Your soul has built on the past but now
Dwells in the house of tomorrow where only you can visit.
Your parents are the bow from which you as a living arrow are sent forward
The Archer, who is God, sees the house of tomorrow2,
This house is the mark upon the path of the infinite
And so, God bends the bow (your parents) with all of His might
So that you (as the arrow) may go swift and far

Your parents rejoice in the bending of the bow by the Archer
For even as God loves you (the arrow) so
He loves the bow a (your parents) that is stable

My Best Wishes to you as you start this wondrous
Journey into the cosmos

– Furman E. Glenn Sr, PhD (2016/07/17)
   1. As you Like IT, Shakespeare
   2. The Prophet